Secure Your Child’s Wellness with Mental Health & Substance Abuse Insurance Coverage!

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The distress of witnessing your child grappling with depression, addiction, or mental health challenges can be profound. The prospect of finding a reputable adolescent and teen mental health and substance abuse treatment program without depleting your finances may add to this distress.

That’s where we come in!

Our team of specialists will do the necessary research research to secure a confidential, no-cost approval of your unique insurance policy. Adolescent and teen treatment is likely included if your policy is with a major insurance provider. Rest assured, all personal information is stringently safeguarded and fully confidential.

Getting Started with our Recovery Process

Step 1

Using your health insurance card, fill out all of the fields on the confidential form.

Step 2

A member of our staff will contact your insurer to verify if your policy will cover your treatment.

Step 3

 We will contact you as soon as possible with the results of the verification and discuss next steps.

Some of the Insurance Providers We Work With

Insurance Disclaimer

At Horizon Recovery, we make every attempt to verify your health insurance benefits and/or secure necessary authorizations on your behalf. Please be advised that this is simply an estimate of benefits and/or authorization. We cannot ensure the accuracy and completeness of the payment or verification eligibility conveyed by your health insurance provider.

The payment of benefits is contingent on all terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions of the member’s contract at the time of service. Your health insurance company will only remit payment for services deemed “reasonable and necessary.”

Horizon Recovery will exert the utmost effort to have all services preauthorized by your health insurance company. However, if your health insurance company determines that a particular service is either unreasonable and necessary or not covered under your plan, the insurer will refuse payment for that service, transferring the financial responsibility to you.

The ‘No Surprise Act,’ effective from January 1st, 2022, protects clients from being charged more than the specified in-network cost-sharing amounts by out-of-network care providers. These charges are based on a ‘recognized amount’ determined by state law or approved by the state for those under an all-payer model agreement.

To gain more insight into the law, visit

Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance Coverage

Do you accept insurance for treatment at Horizon Recovery?

We work with many insurance providers to help individuals access the necessary care. We encourage you to contact our admissions team to discuss your insurance coverage.

How can I find out if my insurance covers treatment at your facility?

To determine if your insurance covers treatment at Horizon Recovery, we recommend filling out our insurance verification form on our website. We will verify your insurance benefits and provide you with the necessary information.

What if my insurance provider is not listed on your website?

While we work with many insurance providers, our website may not list every provider. We still encourage you to complete the insurance verification form on our website. You may also contact our admissions team to discuss your insurance coverage. They can assist you in exploring your options and finding a solution that works for you.

Will my insurance cover the entire cost of treatment?

The coverage and extent of insurance benefits can vary depending on your specific insurance plan. Our admissions team will work closely with you and your insurance provider to determine the coverage details and any out-of-pocket costs.

What if I don’t have insurance or my insurance doesn’t cover the full cost of treatment?

Cash-pay options are available if you don’t have insurance or your coverage is limited. Our team is dedicated to helping individuals access the care they need and can create a financial plan that suits your situation.