Leading Teen Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Centers in Arizona

Welcome to Horizon Recovery

Focused on Helping Families Navigate Teen Mental Health Challenges and Addiction

As Phoenix’s leading teen mental health and addiction treatment provider, we’re committed to offering personalized, comprehensive care for adolescents and teens, promoting mental clarity and sobriety as they transition into adulthood. 

We aim to be your trusted partner, providing a safe and nurturing environment for your teen to overcome the challenges of addiction and mental health conditions, unlocking their full potential.

Individualized Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Programs

Our multidisciplinary team of experts provides full-spectrum care, specializing in treatments for teens with co-occurring disorders, including depression, anxiety, and self-harm.

Our range of care includes:

  • Residential Inpatient Treatment
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)
  • Outpatient Services

Comprehensive Teen Treatment Services Beyond Therapy

At Horizon Recovery, we believe in a holistic approach to our residential program. Beyond therapy, we offer an array of additional services that foster mental health development and well-being in our teens:

  • Holistic Therapies: Treating mental health and addiction with a variety of therapies that bring healing to the mind by engaging in positive activities.
  • Clinical Therapies: Evidence-based therapies that treat addiction, alcoholism, and mental health disorders.
  • Family Therapy: Providing a space of healing for our patients and their families, equipping them with tools and coping strategies that foster unity and resilience.
  • Independent Living Skills Training: Empowering adolescents to navigate everyday tasks confidently, such as doing household chores, with personalized guidance and practical training.
  • Neuroplasticity: Therapy that improves and supports the functions of the brain involved in substance use and mental health disorders.
  • Education Services: Comprehensive tutoring services designed to ignite academic excellence and empower students to reach their full potential.
  • Self-Care Workshops: Strengthening independence and resilience in teens through workshops equipping them with tools and strategies for life-long sobriety.

Getting Started with Our Teen Recovery Process

Step 1

Using your health insurance card, fill out all of the fields on the confidential form.

Step 2

A member of our staff will reach out to you as well as contact your insurer to verify if your policy will cover your treatment.

Step 3

 We will contact you as soon as possible with the results of the verification and discuss next steps.

Take the Next Step Toward a Brighter Future with Horizon Recovery

Join the many families who have found hope and healing at Horizon Recovery. Our success stories speak of resilience, recovery, and the reclamation of a promising future. Your teen’s struggle today doesn’t define their tomorrow. Let’s embark on this healing journey together.

Insurance Providers We Work With

Accreditations & Partnerships

Horizon Recovery holds distinguished accreditation by the Joint Commission, an independent organization known for its rigorous standards in healthcare. This accreditation signifies the center’s commitment to providing high-quality services. Additionally, the center’s recognition by the Arizona Coalition for Healthcare Emergency Response highlights its role in emergency healthcare response within the state, further attesting to its expertise and dedication to the community. Horizon Recovery is also honored to be partnered with the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI).